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We are selective in the cases we take on, spending the time and expending the resources to ensure it is a legally and factually viable case. With that said, upon taking on a case, we are unrelenting in our determination and passion to ensure nothing less than the best possible result is obtained for our clients. That is our motto, that is our creed, that is our promise at Salehi & Associates.

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Since the beginning, Salehi & Associates has obtained millions of dollars for our clients. We obtained our renowned effectiveness by achieving excellence in specific practice areas. To this end, Salehi & Associates only focuses on particular types of cases. We are exceptional at what we do and consistently win our cases.


Salehi & Associates will aggressively pursue compensation for the damages you have suffered. We appreciate the need to take a stand for your rights and seek vindication in court. We’ll stand beside you and, regardless of the path you decide to take, Salehi & Associates will be your counselor throughout the process, keeping you informed at every step of the way


We see difficult cases as opportunities to apply innovative solutions to problems. For example: A young child was exposed to low levels of lead paint, developing mental retardation and a severe case of autism. Several high profile LA attorneys refused to accept this case, feeling the evidence was too weak, but we took it on and the case was resolved for $1,000,000.