International Internship Program

Give the internship a 100% and come with passion and I promise you will learn more in three months than most lawyers do in three years.

A. Salehi.

Since 2006 Salehi & Associates has successfully been working with international students who are looking for internship opportunities to supplement their legal education. The firm has had the privilege of working with students from numerous countries including the U.S.A., Sweden, Greece and Germany. Many students have had the internship combined with their final thesis or earned school credits for their work, making it a part of their education. The internship offers a unique opportunity to practice and learn the fundamentals of the American legal system, while exploring the beauty of Los Angeles. The work at the internship ranges from regular office duties to client correspondence and helping American colleagues with the ongoing cases. Here are some quotes from past interns:

“What to expect from this internship?

Working for a boutique law firm specialized in a very interesting area of law practice? From time to time some Californian sun?

Sure! But it came out to be way more than that.

It’s a challenging internship depending on your skills but more important on your passion and work ethic. You will get deep into cases. Be ready to face unexpected tasks as well. Tasks you’ll learn a lot from, not just legal skills. Be ready to communicate a lot. Be ready to be more than just one tiny, unimportant piece of a big system. You’re an important part of a small team. A team with a lawyer who’s determined but also generous, a boss who is open-minded, someone who is eager to learn as well.

Grab the chance. I promise you it’ll be worth it. An internship you’ll never forget.”

Markus Stenger (Germany)

“When I got Amir’s first reply to my application and I was told I was going to be one of his interns the following winter, I knew I was lucky. But I didn’t truly appreciate just how lucky I was until I gained some perspective after I had left.

If you’re looking to work for someone that is not only going to let you dive into a completely different universe, take the time to teach you and push you just enough to let you thrive, but also and most importantly, treat you like an equal, with respect and sensitivity, then you should apply to Amir’s international program.”

Maddalena Biasiol (University College Dublin)

“My internship at Salehi & Associates was a challenging and exciting experience that I will never forget. Mr Salehi is committed, works with great energy, attention and, most importantly, with a lot of passion.”

Madlen Nrecaj (Germany)

“This is the perfect internship for someone who is willing to work hard and really challenge himself/herself in a different environment. Mr. Salehi gives the interns as much responsibility as he thinks they can handle, but always try to push it more in order to make them challenge themselves. The combination of living and working in Los Angeles, which inspires people to follow their dreams, and working with a very charismatic and successful person as Mr. Salehi, has given me an invaluable experience. I highly recommend everyone to do an internship at Salehi & Associates as I not only developed my professional skills but also grew a lot as a person.”

Frida Dahlström

“Being an intern at Salehi & Ass. is truly a once in a lifetime experience. I have learned so much about myself as a person, and developed skills required in my future career as a lawyer. Mr. Salehi is hard-working, enthusiastic, generous and inspiring. If you are given this opportunity – try to make the most out of it. It’s challenging and a lot of fun, and something you’ll never forget.”

Henriette Willix (Norway)

“The internship at Salehi & Associates gave me more than I had hoped for. I did not only get the chance to broaden my legal knowledge working with a different legal system than the one I am costumed to, but I was also given the opportunity to experience the meaning of being a litigation lawyer at first hand. If you show that you are a team player and a dedicated worker.”

Amadeus Morrilas

“My internship at the law firm of Salehi & Asscoiates has been rewarding in many ways.Whilst Harvard University gave me the theoretical part, Salehi & Associates gave me the practical one. It was a firmly adjusted overlap and transition to better get knowledge and understanding of American law, the court system and its practical matters.Mr. Salehi was very aware of making me a part of the law firm and letting me participate and assist in the different work tasks that occurred, stretching from simple tasks such as client correspondence to challenging ones such as drafting and filing complaints; a mentality that many law firms have not acquired. Moreover, my internship gave me accumulated experience that I will bear with me throughout my professional life. I believe I have gained skill sets to deal with widespread work streams requiring different mindsets, ethics and management style necessary to deliver meaningful results. Thus, joining Salehi & Associates, gave me the vital opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and help expanding an inevitably successful recipe.”

Kimiya Shams

“I had the opportunity to take part of the internship program at Salehi & Associates in the beginning of 2011. This experience was one of the most challenging and profitable in my life. The program put me in contact with ”real” lawyer work from day one and I was given an amazing insight in the American legal system. I was able to watch and take part in the legal work from ”front row” while constantly learning new things. Salehi & Associates was extremely eager to provide me with an experience out of the ordinary. Mr Salehi showed great interest in my development at the firm and constantly provided me with challenging and interesting tasks. After returning to Sweden this experience has proven to be extremely valuable to me. When applying for a job as a young lawyer, my employer made it very clear that my time at Salehi & Associates was one of the things that lead to eventually hiring me. I would recommend every law student to take part in this internship if the opportunity is given. I can honestly say that applying for the internship was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Ida Kjos (Sweden)

“My traineeship at the lawfirm Salehi & Associates provided me with a wonderful opportunity to join a dynamic team that shares similar goals of providing the firm’s clients with the highest levels of support, commitment and enthusiasm. I had a lot of independence which has helped me build my confidence, whilst always knowing that I could get the support and help of my superiors and colleagues when needed. I also improved my communication skills by dealing with a variety of people on different matters. At the end of every work day I would leave the office with a great sense of accomplishment and all the more knowledge of the American legal system. The traineeship was an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience that I will always remember.”

Anna Ileby


“The internship at the law firm of Salehi & Associates was an extraordinary experience and affected my career in many ways.

By entrusting me with challenging and responsible tasks Mr. Salehi not only offered me the unique chance to get an insight into the US American legal system, he also gave me the feeling of being a fully integrated part of his law firm. Throughout the whole internship the mentoring of Mr. Salehi exceeded all my expectations. He not only showed me what it’s like to practice as a lawyer and to run his own law firm. He also taught me an impressive lesson on life, ambition and discipline. A lesson that I will always take advantage from in my further legal career.”

Timo Conraths

“I had the pleasure to spend ten weeks with Salehi & Associates to learn more about the American Legal System. The experience that I took with me back to Sweden has been invaluable and I am forever grateful to the firm for having me. With no doubt has this experience mirrored some of my future decisions in terms of work. During the internship I made friends for life and we shared many laughters along the way. When I look back at my time spent with the firm, I look back at it with a big smile. Inspirational, dedicated, hard working, committed are a few attributes that describes Salehi & Associates. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Cecilia Borgenstam

“I was given the opportunity to do an internship at Salehi and Associates during the summer of 2007. It was a truly great and rewarding experience, where Mr. Salehi took a personal interest in my development despite having a busy schedule. Contrary to what may be the practice in other firms, at Salehi & Associates you are given the opportunity to early on participate and assist in real cases, ranging from small claims to major litigation cases. For example, I drafted documents for the courts, assisted in witness hearings and had direct client contact. The exposure to American law and its court system, combined with the opportunity to further develop my English, made the internship an invaluable experience. I would recommend anyone offered this opportunity to take it.”

Niklas Thörnestad

“The International Internship Program at Salehi & Associates was a great experience. The internship gave me a unique chance to really get to know the practical aspects of American litigation. It is also a great opportunity to learn and become comfortable with American legal English. I can strongly recommend the internship for anyone who is interested in working in an American law office. Mr. Salehi did his best to create an atmosphere at the office that was both relaxed and personal. It was a very appreciated experience for me and has been of huge importance for my personal development.”

Love Simonsson (Sweden)

“The internship at Salehi & Associates exceeded all my expectations. From day one I was given challenging tasks and I got the opportunity to assist in a variety of interesting cases. Mr Salehi did not only take pride in being a mentor, introducing me to the trade of American litigation, but more importantly, he provided me with the confidence to pursue my dreams. This internship has truly been an experience of a lifetime.”

Johan Gerhardsson