Class Actions

What is a class action?

A class action is a special kind of lawsuit in which a single individual, like yourself, or a small group of individuals are allowed to sue on behalf of other persons who have the same or similar claims. Class actions are particularly well suited to situations where many individuals suffer small amounts of damages and the facts of each claim are similar.

How do I know whether I can bring a class action?

Class actions are complicated, and you will need to consult with an attorney that specializes in class actions. Not only is this important so that you receive good advice, but the courts insist that plaintiffs be represented by attorneys experienced in class actions. Salehi & Associates has on staff highly experienced attorneys with decades of experience handling class actions.

What types of class actions are there?

Class actions come in all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of situations.  The following are just some examples:

Employee class actions

  • Employer fails to pay overtime
  • Employer does not provide meal or rest breaks
  • Work-related expenses for tools, uniforms, mileage not reimbursed by the employer
  • Employer who fails to pay prevailing wages in public works project
  • Employer who fails to pay prevailing wages in public works project (Employer who provides goods and services to the city of Los Angeles must pay at least $10.64 per hour in wages and benefits)

False advertising

  • Ad makes statement that is not true, such as that product will cause weight loss, cure disease, etc.
  • Product label or advertising makes false statement regarding the characteristics of the product

Illegal debt collection practices

  • Threatening or harassing phone calls or letters


  • Doctors or hospitals charging patients for amounts disallowed by Medicare
  • Emergency rooms charging patients for amounts covered by patients’ insurance

Privacy violations

  • Unauthorized audio-recording of consumer phone calls
  • Disclosure of private financial information

Defective products

  • Contaminated pet food
  • Toys or glassware with lead paint
  • Malfunctioning computer hardware or software

Sales taxes

  • Charging sales tax for products delivered outside California
  • Charging sales tax for non-taxable services or items such as food

Financial institutions

  • Banks or insurers charging fees not set forth in contract
  • Excessive fees and charges
  • Lenders failing to record reconveyances of trust deed
  • Charging improper exchange rates for foreign money transactions

Gift cards

  • Selling gift cards with illegal expiration dates

Auto Dealers/Lenders

  • Failing to tell the borrower how much must be paid to receive a repossessed vehicle

Health Insurance

  • Rescinding health insurance coverage based on applications not attached to the policy

Will it cost me anything to bring a class action?

No.  Salehi & Associates will bring the class and advance all of the costs of the litigation.  You will not be liable for Salehi & Associates fees and costs unless the class action is successful.